Student Information System Software (SIS): Everything You Should Know

Student Information System Software (SIS): Everything You Should Know

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Student Information Systems, commonly known as SIS, is the data backbone of thousands of colleges and universities in the US. With the development and implementation of new technology, colleges find it necessary to upgrade their SIS. When the old systems are outdated, schools are forced to find newer technology in order to continue being productive in school operations at all levels.

Let’s explore what an SIS is and its current role in education.

What is SIS Used For? 

A Student Information System helps educational institutions collect, manage, protect, and efficiently use student data. 

Collected data through all aspects of the student’s academic life is extremely beneficial to the staff, faculty, students, and their parents. Examples of this data are grades and test scores, attendance records, financial obligations, and attendance records.

Differences Between Learning Management Systems (LMS) and School Information Systems (SIS) Software?

This is a very frequently asked question. 

Student Information Systems let you gather and store student data, while Learning Management Systems offer training and development tools in order to improve students’ learning process.

Benefits of Student Information System Software

As a teacher or administrator, you might already know if it’s the right time to switch to a more effective SIS solution. 

Student Information Systems will continue to be needed at colleges and universities, so we are not suggesting replacing them. Instead, you can choose a newer, more effective improvement.

Powerful solutions like Edular integrate into your existing SIS, exponentially increasing its capabilities. Our all-in-one Student Relationship Management platform securely syncs with your SIS data and offers a plethora of new, productive ways to use it.

Now, let’s explore the benefits of using a good SIS.

1) Student and Guardian Portal Enablement

You would be surprised about how so many schools add extra steps (because they have to) in order to share schedules, assignments, and deadlines with students.

This communication is often made through guardians, which, if using the “old-school method” you’re losing out on easy, direct access to this information, as well as notification, histories, reports, and records.

Doing this involves large amounts of data that go both ways. The SIS manages this successfully, providing the information and storing any changes in the future.

2) Academic Reporting

Student Information System solutions store and serve test scores and academic performance data for teachers and students.

You can stay up-to-date and compliant with templates of specific types of documents and forms that follow Ed-Fi, SIF, and ADT standards. Just select the one that you need and import or export your data to different departments and teachers.

Software like Edular makes it possible to track the process of academic success, compare past vs. present data, and securely present updated information on-demand.

3) Robust Financial Data

Imagine being able to collect, manage, and report payments with ease? 

Your SIS securely manages financial data related to your students while Edular can present it to students on-demand. This can help your staff greatly, reducing the need for messy paperwork and manual reporting, enhancing productivity, and increasing revenue. 

By leveraging financial data stored in the SIS, Edular can send automated push notifications to students and remind them of tuition fees due, which they can easily pay without leaving the mobile app.

Making the Most of Your SIS

Fast-growing colleges and universities in the US prioritize improving the ways they use their SIS solutions and most importantly, the student data collected.

However, this is extremely time-consuming for already busy staff. The solution comes in the form of an integrated update such as Edular. With our all-in-one Student Relationship Management solution, colleges can take all the data collected and pave new, more productive channels of communication with their students.

By securely integrating Edular with your existing SIS, your staff can easily provide better student services. Data is always up-to-date as the integration is synchronized both ways. Changes on the app sync with the SIS and vice-versa, allowing students to access permissioned data and submit needed information without any manual effort from the staff.

Click here to see Edular in action.

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