Whatever your role, Edular helps you get the most from your school

Run your entire operation on a single platform, from anywhere.

Powerful solutions for higher education that will transform your institution. Students and staff can be more productive, more engaged and  more successful.


Make manual error-prone Attendance management a thing of the past

With Edular there’s no more exporting information from one software package into another and no more errors as a result of missing or duplicated data. And for students, using Edular is as easy as a smile!


Seamlessly take students through the Admissions process

An ineffective Admissions experience can lead prospective students into feeling that they aren’t engaged with their potential new school, leading to delays or dropping out of the process altogether.

Digital Documents

Turbo-charge the efficiency of all your forms and documentation

Traditional documents just don’t work very well for the modern world, and any that contain Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”) present a security risk whenever they’re printed or emailed.


Communication is key. Notifications, alerts, chat & more

Two things are a given for life in a modern school; everyone is busy and everyone needs to know the who, what where and when! That’s where a super-efficient communication system comes in

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