What Is Edular?

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Succeeding in running a college is a huge challenge. Most of the time, dozens if not hundreds of professionals are involved in the process: managing the institution’s resources efficiently, organizing and protecting students’ data, distributing key information on time, handling financial aid applications, and everything in between.

Often, colleges don’t achieve the desired growth but the exact opposite. Students drop out faster than they actually enroll. This scenario is the predecessor to disaster for an educational institution.

Only the departments that have up-to-date tools to face the challenge actually achieve the desired results. And to give an edge to these professionals, we have created Edular.

A Cross-Platform Solution to Modern Challenges

Edular is a powerful solution that presents a wide array of carefully-designed features that have been created to help the Admissions, Student Services, and Financial Aid departments of colleges and universities.

The software focuses on modules that lay out the tools in an intuitive fashion, presenting the features that the active department will need to use.

The goal of Edular is to optimize how colleges and universities operate on an administrative level, exponentially increasing enrollment and retention rates while enhancing the experience for both professionals and students involved in the daily process.

But our team wanted to take this solution to the next level, designing a product that is suitable for the times we are living in. This means developing a piece of software that works everywhere at any time.

We recognized that Edular needed to be a fully-operative cross-platform solution, available in every kind of device possible while strictly protecting sensitive data. So, we launched a product that works smoothly on computers and smartphones, with all data being available through secure cloud servers. This created an opportunity for greater engagement with the students as well, bringing in outstanding benefits in terms of retention and overall experience on campuses.

But, how exactly these departments can make the most of Edular?

Features for Admissions

The workload generated by admission applications can get overwhelming quickly. This is a good problem to have, of course. However, an effective solution should be implemented on time, before the endless flow of documents and requests causes a more serious situation.

What the Admissions module of Edular does here is to streamline the whole process, going from a paper-based procedure to a fully-digital operation that can be done through an Android or iOS smartphone.

Edular connects directly to your CRM and Student Information System (SIS), securely syncing all the information needed for the admission process, including scanning, signing, and submitting documents using a smartphone.

Features for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid is always a strenuous process for the student, also generating plenty of hassle for the department in charge. There are plenty of documents to review and applications to oversee.

Here, the Financial Aid module that Edular provides aims to make the process easier for everyone involved. Edular provides a visual overview of the application status along with guided notes from the Financial Aid advisor to help applicants stay focused and confident in going through the process.

Financial Aid “Verification” stage is another time-consuming and at times daunting part of the process. This is where Edular’s proprietary digital document solution combined with an intelligent task management system truly shines. The system automates most of the steps based on verification requirements.  From auto-creation of tasks, mobile scanning and submitting of documents as well as a digital document completion all on the app, enhancing the privacy measures of submitting documents containing personal identifiable information (PII).

At the end of the day, it’s all about making the students’ lives easier, allowing them to focus on what’s important: their education and career. That is why Edular integrates smart tools such as mobile payments, enabling a secure channel to make payments directly to the college. The technologies used for this purpose are safe, granting peace of mind to both the student and the institution. Our team developed these features from scratch, in order to have full control over data privacy.

Features for Retention

Keeping the students engaged with their routine on campus is very difficult. What is worse, when they lose motivation and completely disconnect from their motivations to be there, dropouts start to take place.

Students dropping out is possibly the worst scenario a college or a university can face. That’s why smart student intervention has become so important in the last few decades, with the Internet making things easier for administrators to achieve positive results.

The Edular’s Retention module is in charge of gathering data and processing insights that will allow the department to keep the students engaged with the activities on campus and on track to graduation.

The key advantage here is that the Retention module tracks the student’s academic performance and attendance, determining with real-time data if there is any potential risk. In the case of high risk, the administrator gets notified in order to take the necessary actions through Student Services.

However, keeping students enrolled is a lot more than acting when there are red flags. Instead, the healthy approach to have is the preventive one. Why not keep the student on track way before performance goes down?

With that in mind, Edular provides a powerful toolkit with everything the Student Services department may need to be always in touch with the students and enhance the experience.

Messaging features engage with students individually or through segments created from data-based insights. These smart conclusions allow the tool to reach the right students with highly customized messages. Dynamic automation is also available, easing the workload for the team.

Resources for richer engagement with the students aren’t limited to text messages but also include task dynamics, surveys, interactive push notifications, video chat, and social media-inspired news feed.

The Future of Edular

We just did a quick overview of what Edular can offer to both educational institutions and students, but there is a lot more out there for us to explore.

Since the early days, our team’s mission has been to redefine how colleges and universities manage their resources, and processes, and improve the overall experience of their students. The solution we propose, today known as Edular, leverages the best technologies available, successfully empowering all the parties involved.

Edular will continue to grow and evolve, everything in order to provide an optimum experience.

Today, we are helping dozens of college and university administrations to streamline their Admissions, Retention, and Financial Aid procedures, increasing the quality of their talented professionals’ work. Tomorrow, with a new version already in the works, our goal is to become the leading solution in a sector that needs and desires to make better use of technology.

If you want to experience Edular, feel free to request a demo from our team.

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