3 Ways the Pandemic Forever Changed College Operation Workflows

3 Ways the Pandemic Forever Changed College Operation Workflows

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Such a challenging situation as we all faced in 2020 and a big part of 2021 with the pandemic can only provide positive outcomes. And the new reality in our field of work is that education has changed forever, this time for the better.

Today, we’ll focus on the operational changes and not the COVID-related considerations we’ve been hearing for almost three years now. For example, preventive measures (vaccination, screening testing, hygiene, mask use) and other policies/limitations are not included.

Instead, we’ll talk about how institutions have adapted to become more productive and provide a better experience to the student base.

This is How the Pandemic Changed College Operation Workflows

Do you want your school to do the same? Keep reading.

1) Learning

Despite the comeback of face-to-face classes, colleges and universities are not done with remote learning. On the other hand, they want more of it and they want to do it better. Even if simply as an option.

But even if remote learning isn’t for everyone (because it has been proved that most students learn best in person, surrounded by classmates), it still is the best tool to meet diverse needs: those with medical conditions, limited time, location-based restraints, or that just prefer studying online.

So, the pandemic has helped school systems to expand access to less-common courses and the less favored, as well as it has expanded its mental health services.

And the need hasn’t been this pressing: with an increasing number of students suffering from anxiety and depression, it was great news to see how the 2020-21 school year opened with such big emphasis on mindfulness, social-emotional learning, and equitable support.

This is made possible through remote accountability and messaging apps, along with several other changes on the operational workflows that will be mentioned down below.

2) Onboarding Tasks 

Many schools found out during the pandemic it was inefficient to rely on individuals to manually introduce new data (like personnel and students) to comply with procedures.  Colleges and universities are now adapting their systems to automate every progress that doesn’t require extra effort. 

For example, the entire onboarding process, tutoring programs, student policies, agreements, contracts, and the collection of payments and consent, are all being digitized in one digital workflow. 

School crowdfunding events are now enhanced as well. All of the registration and ticketing processes, as well as the scheduling for other types of meetings for things like guidance or careers counseling, are being automatically booked and notified with integrated apps.

Schools are embedding digital sign-up forms on their website, making them accessible to any interested parties. That being said, even the distribution of information to parents, tutors, and students is now being safely automated.

3) Administration

What studies have found and for what we have seen so far, is that it’s clear that schools that automate most administrative workflows can leverage their resources into more important pursuits. But what kind of administrative changes are we talking about?

We can start with staff management. From acknowledging and complying with new school guidelines to Unused Sick Time Transfers, and submitting Teacher Self Reflection Surveys, just to give a few examples.

Students are also experiencing changes introduced in administrative workflows. Colleges are now able to effortlessly distribute announcements, memos, policy updates, meetings, and more, through SMS, push notifications, and email.

The digitalization of student registers/roll call, as well as the tracking of student absenteeism, and injury/incident reporting have all been highly improved. In this case, KlassApps provide powerful possibilities with the help of facial recognition with Edular, a secure and novel technology that powers many of our cutting-edge features. Staff is fully aware of how ineffective is to rely on paperwork and memory.

This also includes the way colleges and universities now work with opt-out forms. Now being digitized and morphed with other management applications to help with the ongoing student segmentation.

Believe us, we could further mention at least a dozen more ways the pandemic forever changed school operation workflows… But instead, you’re invited to check how Edular can do that for your school. Schedule a demo today and see how it can transform your operations.

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