Keeping Your Staff And Students Safe And Operations Running

Keeping Your Staff And Students Safe And Operations Running

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COVID-19 is changing how the world works. Social Distancing and other measures that are in place to keep us safe are crucial in minimizing the potential spread of this invisible threat. However, this has created new and unexpected challenges for many colleges and universities in maintaining a normal operational routine. How well we adapt and navigate these hurdles will play a crucial role in our ability to ride through this tough period.   

One thing for certain, any solutions, ideas, and processes that are implemented will probably involve words like “remote”, “online” and “digital” which in our opinion may be part of the new normal in daily operations for colleges going forward.  Some of the key challenges that a college will encounter in navigating a remote-friendly operation include: 

  • Remote Admissions and Financial Aid 
  • Distance-learning and grading processes 
  • Maintaining student engagement and interactions
  • Accurate attendance tracking
  • Grading of practical work

Perhaps it is time to revisit some readily available solutions that can help with these challenges.  

To those unfamiliar with Edular, our mobile solution is built around mobile technology and provides students and staff with the ability to complete their daily tasks on mobile devices, in remote environments.  With Edular, physical handling of documents and close-range interactions becomes unnecessary, which not only keeps everyone safe in these challenging times but also improves the efficiency of your operations.

Some of the key challenges described above can be easily addressed with tools that are readily available in Edular’s mobile solution.

Clients can choose to deploy one, several, or all the modules above depending on their individual needs. Edular is committed to assisting you in maintaining normal operations, keeping your staff productive and students engaged.

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