How Edular Helps with College Admissions

How Edular Helps with College Admissions

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Do you want to know how Edular helps with college admissions? After all, choosing the right tool for college admissions can be a game-changer. 

It can streamline the process, reduce stress for staff, and enhance the experience for students. 

In this article, we present nine compelling reasons why Edular is the right tool for college admissions.

9 Reasons Why Edular Is the Right Tool for College Admissions

#1 – College-branded, User-friendly Admissions Portal

KlassApps’ Edular product offers a college-branded, fully customizable admissions portal that can be embedded within your current website, enhancing your brand’s look and feel, and providing a seamless experience for your prospective students.

Moreover, Edular ensures complete access for students and staff, making the admissions process more efficient and user-friendly.

#2 – Automated Workflows, Tasks, Appointments, and Reminders

One of the standout features of Edular is its automated workflows. These workflows streamline the admissions process, reducing manual work and improving accuracy. 

Tasks, appointments, and reminders are all automated, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. 

This level of automation not only makes the admissions process smoother but also reduces stress for both staff and students and increases conversion from “lead” to “enrolled”.

#3 – Lifecycle Visibility & Target Achievement Visualization

Edular provides complete visibility into the admissions lifecycle. From leads through to enrollment, you can track the progress of each applicant in real time. 

This level of transparency helps you make informed decisions and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the admissions process. 

Moreover, Edular allows you to visualize target achievements. If your goal is to admit 500 new students, Edular will show you how close you are to reaching that goal, helping you stay on track.

#4 – Aptitude Tests and Entrance Surveys

Edular makes it easy to leverage fully-digital Aptitude Tests as part of your automated Admissions workflow. For example, if your institution requires an aptitude test for admission, Edular can host this test online, allowing students to take it at their convenience. 

The results can be automatically added to the student’s application, streamlining the process. 

Similarly, entrance surveys can be conducted digitally, gathering valuable data about incoming students. This feature not only simplifies the admissions process but also provides institutions with insights that can help shape their academic programs and student services.

#5 – High-Grade Security Document Upload, Collection, and Conversion

Security is a top priority for Edular. The web portal is secured by an industry-standard high-grade 256-bit encryption certificate, ensuring the protection of sensitive student and institutional data. 

For instance, when students upload their application documents they can rest assured that their information is secure. 

Moreover, Edular allows you to convert any paper-based or PDF documents into dynamic Digital Documents, improving speed and efficiency. 

This feature eliminates the need for physical storage, reduces the risk of losing important documents, and makes collaborating and accessing information easier.

#6 – Seamless Implementation

Implementing Edular is a smooth process, typically taking just 3-4 weeks depending on the scale and scope of work.  However, the KlassApps team works closely with your institution to ensure a seamless transition, providing training and support throughout the process. 

This means that your staff can hit the ground running with Edular, minimizing disruption to your operations.

#7 – Cost-effective 24/7 Availability

Edular is available 24/7, ensuring that students and staff can access the admissions process at any time that’s convenient for them. 

This round-the-clock availability is particularly beneficial for international students in different time zones or working students who may need to complete their applications outside of typical office hours. 

Moreover, Edular is a cost-effective solution. While the cost varies based on scale and usage, the wide range of features and benefits that Edular offers makes it a valuable investment for any institution.

#8 – Open API and Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

One of the standout features of Edular is its open API, which allows it to integrate seamlessly with most existing CRM and SIS systems

This means that you can easily incorporate Edular into your existing infrastructure, without the need for extensive modifications. And make the most of your data by accessing Edular from other tools and services. 

For instance, if your institution already uses a particular CRM system for managing student information, Edular can integrate with this system, allowing you to manage the admissions process without having to switch between different platforms.

#9 – Best Solution for College Admissions Challenges

Edular is more than just a tool—it’s a comprehensive solution to the challenges of college admissions. It enhances the admission process by making it more efficient, less stressful, and more satisfying and more successful for admissions staff and students alike. 

How Edular Enhances the Admission Process in Higher Education

Edular by KlassApps is designed with one main goal in mind: automating college admissions. 

Unlike most software solutions available for Admission Officers, Campus Managers, Deans, College Directors, and overall Decision-makers at Colleges and Universities in the US, Edular stands out for its seamless simplicity, intuitiveness, and power.

Imagine having a data-rich PowerPoint presentation with all the information you need about your college’s future students’ admissions. But instead of overwhelming you with data, Edular presents what you need to know, in a way anyone can understand.

The admin’s portal page is divided into two sections: “Admissions” (general view) and “Students” (specific view). 

In the “Admissions” section, you can view the source and stage of these admissions, as well as both the “Target” and actual “Enrollments” graphed according to the collection start date. 

The “Students” portal view shows each student’s Enrollment and User ID, as well as the Application Progress, with its respective steps or “terms” and the complete history of both the Activities & Follow-ups attached to that user.

This is just a glimpse of what Edular’s actual product looks like from the inside. 

Because you may or may not know, this cutting-edge Student Relationship Management (SRM) solution also provides key features like AI-powered Attendance Tracking and Multi-channel communication

Click the links above to learn more about these features. 

If you want to discover its full potential for use in your institution, get in touch today for a friendly demonstration. 

We’d love to show you the power, flexibility, and ease of use that Edular delivers. To schedule a demo, simply click the “Book a Demo” button on our website. 

Experience first-hand how Edular can revolutionize your institution’s admissions process.

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