Digital Discovery Learning In 2022: What It Is and How to Do It Correctly

Digital Discovery Learning In 2022: What It Is and How to Do It Correctly

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Would you like to see your students take ownership of their learning? 

This is achieved through Digital Discovery Learning, an approach that motivates students, including those with special needs, to do their own research, ask critical questions, form conclusions, and strengthen their problem-solving skills. You can incorporate it now into your educational institution. 

You can incorporate it into your educational institution.  

We recommend you look at the powerful features in Edular. This is our all-in-one Student Relationship Management solution for modern institutions that require secure online messaging, digital documents and e-signing, mobile payment, push notification, attendance powered by face recognition, and other features widely used in their day-to-day operations.  

Now, here are a few ideas to get started.

What is Digital Discovery Learning in School?

What exactly is Digital Discovery Learning for students?

This active and hands-on style of “learning by doing” is said to be created by Jerome Bruner in the 1960s to enable active participation, instead of passive absorption of knowledge. It’s also encouraged by many leading educational psychologists and philosophers. 

Today, we have more tools than over half a decade ago. In 2022, students can interact physically or virtually; evoking questions and performing experiments at their will to hypothesize, speculate, and collaborate with others. 

Put in practice, teachers give students a problem and the resources to solve it. Unlike the traditional learning methodology, where teachers give instructions, perform exercises and evaluate students according to their memory and writing skills.  

Backers of Digital Discovery Learning constructivist philosophy believe this methodology boosts students’ confidence through real knowledge and problem-solving and is a hands-on approach that creates lifelong lessons students never forget.  

It is a great choice for ESL students and those with behavioral or developmental difficulties. Those who have a hard time concentrating or whose first language isn’t English have a good time exploring ideas explained directly through interaction, instead of just being spectators. 

How to Use Digital Discovery Education? 

We’ve introduced the theory. Let’s discuss ways to implement Digital Discovery education in the classroom.  

1) Spark Curiosity

This is the engine behind the method. Help students discover amazing information they can gather for themselves with different resources or simply by talking with people. This is where interviews and summaries are introduced.

When students do their own research, asking critical questions and then writing it down in some kind of summary, they’ll be surprised at how capable the educational experience becomes.

2) Let Them Go Solo 

Most students can do almost anything they want with the help of today’s technological devices. So, what’s better than taking advantage of the tools they already use? 

3) Full Virtual Introduction

Not everyone can afford more-specialized knowledge that can only be acquired from specific resources. Books were among the biggest expenses for students in the past decades. But today, with the Internet, almost everything is a few clicks away

4) Data-based Projects

Students learn how to gather information on their own. It’s a good time to introduce data-related projects, where the information collected is quantitative and specific.  

This teaches highly valuable analytical skills. 

5) Encourage Mistakes

Most importantly, let students take control of their own learning, letting them know mistakes are inevitable. Offer timely feedback to help them quickly identify and fix mistakes. 

Final Thoughts

Creating the right conditions for students to thrive is a challenging process that comes with many constraints. Tech solutions have made it possible to facilitate the transformation of the classroom to implement better, more efficient learning methodologies and philosophies such as the one described above.

With Edular, our all-in-one Student Relationship Management solution, we are helping academic institutions to achieve this. Schedule a demo today and see Edular in action.

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